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The Asian Review of Books is the only dedicated pan-Asian book review publication. Widely quoted, referenced,  republished by leading publications in Asian and beyond and with an archive of more than two thousand book reviews, the ARB also features long-format essays by leading Asian writers and thinkers, excerpts from newly-published books and reviews of arts and culture. It provides an unparalleled forum for discussion of key contemporary issues by Asians for Asia and a vehicle of intellectual depth and breadth where leading thinkers can write on the books, arts and ideas of the day.

The Asian Review of Books is the only dedicated

pan-Asian book review publication

Who we are: The founder and editor of the ARB is Peter Gordon. He is also publisher at Chameleon Press, a frequent commentator in regional Asian media and was a founder and former organizer of such initiatives as the Man Asian Literary Prize and the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

The Chair of the editorial board is Mark Clifford. Formerly editor-in-chief of the South Morning Post, he is currently Executive Director of the Hong Kong-based Asia Business Council. Among other books, he is the author of The Greening of Asia: The Business Case for Solving Asia’s Environmental Emergency.

Our reviewers: The Asian Review of Books welcomes reviewers from the community. Our reviewers are located worldwide, from Asia to North America and Europe.

Current ARB contributors

If you would like to contribute to the community of writers and readers of good books by reviewing for us, and have professional expertise in literature, teaching, business, technology, etc., please write editor@asianreviewofbooks.com with details of your experience, interests and links to writing samples.

The Asian Review of Books does not offer financial remuneration for books reviews.

Publishers requesting reviews: In general, we ask that review copies be sent directly to reviewers, therefore please contact the editor before arranging the sending of books for review.

Reviews are usually limited to books that are related or relevant to Asia in an identifiable way; we usually require physical copies. We of course cannot guarantee that every book received will be reviewed and regret that books cannot be returned.

Using our content: All content is subject to copyright and may only be used with permission. Nevertheless, we and our writers wish the content to be as widely read as possible and therefore most of our content is available for reposting and reprinting free-of-charge to qualified publications. Leading publications worldwide already republish ARB reviews. Explicit permission is required to reprint or repost our content. For further information, please write editor@asianreviewofbooks.com.

Letters to the Editor may be sent to letters@asianreviewofbooks.com. All letters received will be assumed to be for publication and are subject to editing. The Asian Review of of Books welcomes substantive replies to its articles and reviews: preference will be given to longer, reasoned letters which add to the discussion of the subject in question. The author of the original article may be asked to respond.

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