ARB-related events

banner-hero_2021_en1At the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair, supported by the Italian Cultural Institute and Consulate General of Italy

Thurs, 15 July, 6:00pm, Room S222-223 (before entrance to Book Fair)

Painter and Patron: Illustrations of the Maritime Silk Road in 16th century Códice Casanatense

Painter and PatronAmong the thousands of centuries-old books in Rome’s famed Biblioteca Casanatense is an album of 76 striking watercolours. Painted by an Indian painter around 1540 in Goa for an unknown Portuguese patron, the Códice Casanatense contains illustrations of daily scenes, professions and religious ceremonies, as well as the peoples of what is now known as the Maritime Silk Road. Painter & Patron is the first English-language book dedicated to this remarkable and unique document. Hidden within are hints to a personal story: a marriage between a former Portuguese soldier and a local woman, a man who rose to become an affluent merchant with connections from Africa to China. Including dozens of these intriguing illustrations, the presentation introduces the Codex and opens the door on the fascinating world of Asia in the 16th century, when Europe and Asia were first in extended contact. Free with registration.