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Index to "Letters from Hong Kong" (updated)

Produced together with Tammy Ho Lai-Ming of Hong Kong Baptist University and co-editor of the the literary journal Cha, this is a column for original, creative pieces that capture the voices and zeitgeist. Please send questions, ideas, etc. to the editor.

Index to "Letters from Hong Kong" (updated)


“The Sound of Silence” by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

“Democracy and the economy” by Peter Gordon

“Commentary ‘in quotes’”: a review of a month of commentary

“Characters under the Cantonese umbrella” by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

“Letters from Hong Kong: Poems in situ: selections from a special section in the literary journal Cha.

“Where the lines in the sand meet” by Peter Gordon

“Occupy Tour Guide” by Erik Wennermark

“Occupy Translation” by Lucas Klein

“‘Free’ Verse”: new poems on students, children and the protests by Shirley Geok-Lin Lim

“Protests in black and white”, a collection of photos by Eddie Tay

“A Tragedy of Errors” by Colin Cavendish-Jones

“Model citizens”: illustrations

“Bamboo and umbrellas”: vignettes

“A Poetic Backgrounder to the Hong Kong Protests" poetry from David McKirdy, Jennifer Wong and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming