Asian Review of Books contributors

Adolfo Arranz

Adolfo Arranz is Deputy Head of infographics and illustration at the South China Morning Post.

Salvatore Babones

Salvatore Babones (@sbabones) is an American sociologist at the University of Sydney. His research takes a long-term approach to interpreting the structure of the global economy, with a particular focus on China. He is the author of American Tianxia: Chinese money, American power and the end of history (Policy 2017).

Jill Baker

Jill Baker is an Adjunct Fellow at the Asia Business Council in Hong Kong.

Andrea Bettinelli Dal Cin

Andrea Bettinelli Dal Cin is co-founder of Solomusica, which coordinates classical music relations between Asia and Europe.

Shahbano Bilgrami

Shahbano Bilgrami is the author of Those Children (HarperCollins, 2017) and the Man Asian Literary Prize-longlisted Without Dreams (HarperCollins, 2007).

Joshua Bird

Dr Joshua Bird is an international development professional working across the Asia-Pacific and the author of Economic Development in China's Northwest: Entrepreneurship and identity along China’s multi-ethnic borderlands (Routledge, July 2017).

Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown is Professor of Chinese Politics and Director of the Lau China Institute at King's College, London. His most recent book is Hu Jintao: China's Silent Ruler. For more writings see

Agnès Bun

Agnès Bun is a French reporter based in New Delhi. She won the Daniel Pearl Award in 2010.

John Butler

John Butler recently retired as Associate Professor of Humanities at the University College of the North in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, and has taught at universities in Canada, Nigeria and Japan. He specializes in early modern travel-literature (especially Asian travel) and seventeenth-century intellectual history. His books include an edition of Sir Thomas Herbert’s Travels in Africa, Persia and Asia the Great (2012) and most recently an edition of Sir Paul Rycaut's Present State of the Ottoman Empire (1667) and a book of essays, Off the Beaten Track: Essays on Unknown Travel Writers.

Dorothy Chan

Dorothy Chan is the author of Chinatown Sonnets, winner of New Delta Review’s 6th Annual Chapbook Contest. She is the Assistant Editor of The Southeast Review.

Jonathan Chatwin

Dr Jonathan Chatwin is a British writer who has lived in, and written on, China. He is the author of Anywhere Out of the World: The Work of Bruce Chatwin.

Waihong Choo

Choo Waihong was a corporate lawyer with top law firms in Singapore and California before she took early retirement in 2006 and began writing travel pieces for publications such as China Daily. She lived for seven years with the Mosuo tribe and now spends half the year with them in Yunnan, China. She is the author of The Kingdom of Women: Life, Love and Death in China's Hidden Mountains.

Nigel Collett

Nigel Collett is the author of The Butcher of Amritsar: Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer and Firelight of a Different Colour, a biography of Hong Kong actor Leslie Cheung.

Jame DiBiasio

Jame DiBiasio is the author of The Story of Angkor (Silkworm Books, 2014).

Glyn Ford

Glyn Ford is a former Euro-MP and author of North Korea on the Brink.

Michael Goebel

Michael Goebel is Professor of Global and Latin American History at the Freie Universität Berlin. He is the author of Anti-Imperial Metropolis: Interwar Paris and the Seeds of Third World Nationalism (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and Argentina’s Partisan Past: Nationalism and the Politics of History (Liverpool University Press, 2011).

Nicholas Gordon

Nicholas Gordon has an MPhil from Oxford in International Relations and a BA from Harvard. He works at a think tank in Hong Kong. His writing has also appeared in The South China Morning Post, The Diplomat, China Daily and Caixin.

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is editor of the Asian Review of Books.

Brian Haman

Brian Haman is the Book Review Editor of The Shanghai Literary Review. A former Fulbright Scholar, he holds a PhD and an MA from the University of Warwick in the UK and splits his time between China and Europe.

Tim Hannigan

Tim Hannigan is the author Murder in the Hindu Kush, shortlisted for the Boardman Tasker Prize; Raffles and the British Invasion of Java which won the 2013 John Brooks Award; and A Brief History of Indonesia.

Zeina Hashem Beck

Zeina Hashem Beck is a Lebanese poet who lives in Dubai. Her most recent collection, Louder than Hearts, won the 2016 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize. Her chapbook, There Was and How Much There Was, is a 2016 Laureate’s Choice, selected by Carol Ann Duffy. Her work has also appeared in Ploughshares, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Ambit, and The Rialto, among others.

Melanie Ho

Melanie Ho is a writer who has reviewed for publications in Hong Kong and Canada.

Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming teaches at Hong Kong Baptist University and is co-editor of the journal Cha. Her latest poetry collection is Hula Hooping.

Viki Holmes

Poet Viki Holmes has been living and writing in Hong Kong since 2005. She is author of miss moon’s class (Chameleon Press, 2008) and Girls’ Adventure Stories of Long Ago (Chameleon Press, 2017) and co-editor of Not A Muse (Haven Books, 2009).

Kyle Hutzler

Kyle Hutzler is an MBA candidate at Stanford, previously with the consultancy McKinsey & Company.

Stephen Joyce

Stephen Joyce is a marketing consultant and copywriter who moved to Asia from Scotland in early 2010. He has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore and is now in the UK.

Theophilus Kwek

Theophilus Kwek is the author of three collections, They Speak Only Our Mother Tongue, Circle Line and, most recently, Giving Ground.

Stephen Maire

Stephen Maire is a Director of garment manufacturing and trading company. He has lived in East Asia for more than twenty years.

Rosie Milne

Rosie Milne runs Asian Books Blog twitter@asianbooksblog. She lives in Singapore.

Juan José Morales

Juan José Morales is the co-author of The Silver Way: China, Spanish America and the Birth of Globalisation, 1565–1815. His writing has also appeared in Caixin, China Daily, The Diplomat and The Jakarta Globe.

Tsering Namgyal

Tsering Namgyal is a journalist and novelist based in Hong Kong.

Saima Nasar

Saima Nasar is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Her research is concerned with the transnational history of race, empire, and diaspora.

Tim O'Connell

Tim O’Connell is a China trader turned writer and historian who has lived in Hong Kong and Beijing since 1981.

Bill Purves

Bill Purves is a Hong Kong-based writer. He is the author of several books, including A Sea of Green: A Voyage Around the World of Ocean Shipping and China on the Lam: On Foot Across the People’s Republic.

Pamela Recinella

Pamela Recinella is an Italian stage and opera director.

T F Rhoden

T F Rhoden is an adjunct instructor at the Institute of South East Asian Affairs, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. His most recent publication is Karen Language Phrasebook: Basics of Sgaw Dialect (White Lotus Press, 2015).

Francis P Sempa

Francis P Sempa is the author of Geopolitics: From the Cold War to the 21st Century and America’s Global Role: Essays and Reviews on National Security, Geopolitics and War. His writings appear in The Diplomat, Joint Force Quarterly, the University Bookman and other publications. He is an attorney and an adjunct professor of political science at Wilkes University.

Todd Shimoda

Todd Shimoda is the author of Why Ghosts Appear, Subduction, Oh! A Mystery of 'Mono No Aware', The Fourth Treasure and 365 Views of Mt. Fuji.

Selina Siak

Selina Siak Chin Yoke is the author of The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds and When the Future Comes Too Soon (AmazonCrossing, 2016 & 2017), the first two books in the "Malayan Series".

Tim Sifert

Timothy Sifert is a Hong Kong-based journalist.

Tim Summers

Tim Summers, formerly British Consul-General in Chongqing, is a professor at the Centre for East Asian Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and author of Yunnan: A Chinese Bridgehead to Asia (Chandos, 2012).

Jicheng Sun

Jicheng Sun is the co-translator of The Verse of Shao Xunmei

Hal Swindall

Hal Swindall is the co-translator of The Verse of Shao Xunmei

Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Fiona Sze-Lorrain is a French musician, poet, literary translator, and editor. Her most recent book is The Ruined Elegance: Poems.

Ece Temelkuran

Ece Temelkuran is the author of Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy. Her debut novel Women Who Blow on Knots (Parthian Books) will be published in June 2017.

Matt Turner

Matt Turner is a writer and translator living in New York City and Beijing. He publishes regularly with Hyperallergic Weekend, Seedings and Cha, and has work forthcoming in Bookforum, The Los Angeles Review of Books and The World of Chinese. His translation of Lu Xun's 1927 book of prose poetry, Weeds, is forthcoming from Shanghai's Seaweed Salad Editions.

John Darwin Van Fleet

John Darwin Van Fleet is Assistant Dean for the USC-SJTU Global Executive MBA in Shanghai. His book Tales of Old Tokyo, a romp through the city’s history from 1853 to 1964, was published last year, while Squabbling Siblings, Japan and China from Antiquity to 2020, will be published in early 2017.

Soni Wadhwa

Soni Wadhwa is a research scholar based in Mumbai.

Jane Wallace

Jane Wallace is a Hong Kong-born journalist and author living in London.

Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong is a Hong Kong poet now residing in London. Her most recent book is Goldfish.

Hilton Yip

Hilton Yip is a writer currently based in Hong Kong and former book editor of Taiwan’s The China Post.

Alfred A Yuson

Alfred A (Krip) Yuson is a Filipino novelist and journalist, and author of The Music Child & The Mahjong Queen, a previous manuscript of which was short-listed for the 2008 Man Asian Literary Prize. His previous novels are Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe and Voyeurs & Savages.

John W. W. Zeiser

John W. W. Zeiser is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. His criticism and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of publications. You can follow him on twitter @jwwz.

Yu Zhang

Yu Zhang is a professor of Chinese at Loyola University.