New book announcement: “All the Words a Stage”, poetry by Nashua Gallagher

All the Words a Stage, Nashua Gallagher (Chameleon Press, July 2018)
All the Words a Stage, Nashua Gallagher (Chameleon Press, July 2018)

All the world may indeed be a stage, but a poet’s world consists of words. Nashua Gallagher’s debut collection of verse resonates with themes of coming of age in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, and is set in a belovedly re-imagined yet elusive “home” with a cast of friends, family, poets and others. Her work traverses tender recollection, wry observation, and candid commentary on the road to love, motherhood, identity, relationships, and the many entanglements of modern living. Sometimes playful, sometimes serious, often insightful, the poems in this book showcase the contradictory yet charming aspects of a contemporary world in flux. It is an homage to life in transience, words written and spoken, as well as a glimpse into a world through its different stages.

Nashua Gallagher is the founding director of Peel Street Poetry, a literary arts collective that have run spoken word sessions and other events in Hong Kong since 2005. Her work has previously been featured in Not A Muse: A World Poetry Anthology (2009), Outloud Too (2013), and Asian Cha.


All the Words a Stage, poetry by Nashua Gallagher
Chameleon Press, July 2018 (ISBN 9789881662941)