New Book Announcement: “Japanese Picture Dictionary” by Timothy G Stout

Japanese Picture Dictionary, Timothy G Stout (Tuttle, January 2019)
Japanese Picture Dictionary, Timothy G Stout (Tuttle, January 2019)

Deftly illustrating the use of more than 1,500 commonly used Japanese words and phrases, author Timothy Stout gives learners a clear, easy-to-use introduction to this fascinating language.

Containing culture-specific Japanese words and images not found in other picture dictionaries, Stout provides the Japanese script forms along with Romanized pronunciations and English definitions. The words are grouped into 38 themes or topics, each with 35 to 45 words, and several sentences, covering all the essential vocabulary—including the 1,500 critical Japanese words and sentences that students need to know to pass the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam and the JLPT proficiency exams. The book also includes a brief introduction to the Japanese language and an index. Online, students will find free companion audio recordings by Japanese native speakers demonstrating the correct pronunciation of all the vocabulary and sentences.


Japanese Picture Dictionary by Timothy G Stout
Tuttle, January 2019 (ISBN 9784805308998)