New Book Announcement: “Red Affairs, White Affairs” by Felicia Nay

Red Affairs, White Affairs, Felicia Nay (Cinnamon Press, March 2020>
Red Affairs, White Affairs, Felicia Nay (Cinnamon Press, March 2020)

Hong Kong at the beginning of a new millennium—a teeming city where ritual, religion, the spirits of the dead and the spirit of enterprise meet and clash. For Reini “Kim” Kranich, a young German aid worker obsessed with death, Chinese underwear, Emily Dickinson and cockroaches, it’s a place of fragile hopes.

When her friend Virginia’s mother falls terminally ill, Reini finds Virginia’s notions of family, faith and loyalty raise deep questions about her own beliefs. And when she meets a Buddhist environmental activist, Hong Kong’s many contradictions come into sharp focus as her past, friendships and work begin to knot, pull tight and threaten to unravel.


Red Affairs, White Affairs by Felicia Nay
Cinnamon Press, March 2020 (ISBN 9781611720556)