New Book Announcement: “Upcountry” by Chin-Sun Lee

Upcountry, Chin-Sun Lee (Unnamed Press, November 2023)
Upcountry, Chin-Sun Lee (Unnamed Press, November 2023)

Claire Pedersen and her husband relocate from NYC to the Catskills after finding a terrific deal on a property in foreclosure. The house has been in April Ives’ family for three generations, but the single mother of three children from two different fathers needs the money. Claire and April are instantly antagonistic, but the sale proceeds, and renovations begin. Soon after, Claire’s husband develops an erotic fascination with Anna, a young Korean member of a nearby religious community called the Eternals.

Two marriages—and one pregnancy—swiftly and dramatically end. Claire is left to finish the renovation and salvage the life she had imagined. April, meanwhile, must deal with her ex who has just been released from prison on a drug charge, and the decision whether to let him build a relationship with the son he’s never known. Claire and April navigate mutual dislike that leads to unanticipated empathy; Anna is the unhappy fulcrum between the two, eliciting April’s friendship and Claire’s loathing. Shunned from the Eternals since the incident with Claire’s husband, she yearns to return to their protection.

A local child’s drowning will set in motion a vortex binding all three women’s fates in tragic, and redemptive, ways. The significance (and mystery) of luck, fate, and resilience lies behind this portrait of lives connected by catastrophe and coincidence.


Upcountry by Chin-Sun Lee
Unnames Press, November 2023