New Book Announcement: “You, and Others”, poetry by Devendra Bisaria

You, and Others, poems, Devendra Bisaria (Kitaab, November 2021)
You, and Others, poems, Devendra Bisaria (Kitaab, November 2021)

Devendra Bisaria’s first publication contains poems written over a period of almost thirty years—from his teens, when he started writing, to twenty years ago. The poems in this collection bear witness to Devendra’s own internal evolution as a person as well as his keen observation of the external environment and circumstances that fueled, and frequently provoked, that process.

Love, loss, despair, hope, dreams, elation and sometimes just word imagery, are all presented in a diversity of style and language, but always personal. Underpinning it all is his profound understanding of the human condition, its values, limitations and ambitions as well as its possibilities.

Devendra is a purist and remains faithful to the truth and spontaneity of his emotions and evocations, presenting the moment to the reader pure and unchanged, raw as he experienced it. And wrote it.


You, and Others by Devendra Bisaria
Kitaab International, November 2021 (ISBN 9789811822254)