Turkish Ceramics at the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery

Plate with Kaftan, Nida Olçar, 2003 Plate with Kaftan, Nida Olçar, 2003

Contemporary Blue-and-White: Turkish Ceramics is an exhibition featuring some forty ceramics by by Mehmet Gürsoy and Nida Olçar, two award-winning contemporary Turkish artists. This is so-called “İznik pottery”; finely-decorated ceramics have been produced in İznik, the ancient Nicaea, since the last quarter of the 15th century.

In these modern works, which retain traditional sources of design, one can see traditional influences from farther East and in particular Chinese blue-and-white porcelain. This excellent, although small, exhibition is well worth a visit, providing a visual reminder of the early-modern trade that predates the current Belt and Road Initiative by several centuries.


The exhibition runs through 19 August.