New Book Announcement: “Alien Miss” by Carlina Duan

Alien Miss Carlina Duan (University of Wisconsin Press, March 2021)
Alien Miss, Carlina Duan (University of Wisconsin Press, March 2021)

In her brilliant second collection, Carlina Duan illuminates small and sacred moments of survival. Tracing familial lore and love, Duan reflects on the experience of growing up as a diasporic, bilingual daughter of immigrants in the American Midwest, exploring the fraught complexities of identity, history, belonging, and linguistic reclamation.

Alien Miss brings forth a chorus of powerful voices: immigrants facing the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first Chinese American woman to vote, and matriarchal ancestors. These poems ultimately celebrate and challenge conceptions of inheritance and homeland, offering unabashed odes to lineage.


Alien Miss by Carlina Duan
University of Wisconsin Press, March 2021 (ISBN 9780299331344)