New Book Announcement: “Hotel Arcadia” by Sunny Singh

Hotel Arcadia, Sunny Singh (Oneworld/Magpie, March 2024)
Hotel Arcadia, Sunny Singh (Oneworld/Magpie, March 2024)

First paperback publication for the acclaimed international thriller by Sunny Singh: A terrorist siege in a luxury hotel. Among the survivors … Sam: a war photographer, famous for her haunting pictures of the dead. Abhi: the hotel manager, desperate to keep the guests safe. He never wanted to be a hero; he just wants to avoid disappointing his father and brother any more than he has already.

When gun-wielding terrorists run amok through the hotel, Abhi and Sam know. If they make it out alive, neither of them will ever be the same.


Hotel Arcadia by Sunny Singh
Oneworld / Magpie, March 2024