New Book Announcement: “Multo” by Cindy Fazzi

Multo, Cindy Fazzi (Agora, September 2026)
Multo, Cindy Fazzi (Agora, September 2023)

Filipino-American bounty hunter Domingo has made a career of catching criminal undocumented immigrants. He’s the best in the business—and it isn’t lost on him that he’s so good because of his similarities to his targets. Despite Domingo’s claims that he is unsympathetic to their plight, yet spends his spare moments on stakeouts and in between jobs writing a book of advice for aspiring immigrants. Brash, funny, and candid, he compiles the names of all the people he’s apprehended, documenting the hazards of his profession, and imparting advice to foreigners who dare to dream of life in America.

Domingo’s latest job is finding biracial Filipino woman Monica Reed—for the third time. Monica is the only fugitive who has ever escaped him, and the only one he’s ever released, against orders. As he embarks on a third and final hunt for her, Domingo uncovers a dangerous truth that Monica was determined to publicize—even though it put her life in danger. And as he chases her around the country, despite his agreement to arrest people like Monica, Domingo finds himself taking her side. Flushing out immigrants whose biggest crime was clinging to the American Dream pales in comparison to getting justice for a woman who he discovers was living in the shadows, but was only ever searching for the truth.

Full of action and humor, Multo is also a meditation on what it means to be unwelcome and unwanted in a country you love and the sacrifices such love requires.


Multo by Cindy Fazzi
Agora Books, September 2023